Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- The Final Day

So the time has come where I've reached the end of my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar. Today's gift was the best gift out of the whole calendar, and it was the best way to finish the calendar. Being the absolute potato that I am, I completely forgot to photograph the product inside the door and I've now recycled the calendar so I hope you can all forgive me, it is Christmas tomorrow after all.

Today's gift was a full size 17 Blow Out Mascara. I've actually wanted to try this mascara for ages as it sounds really good, and after trying it out today I'm REALLY impressed! My eyelashes look so much more voluminous and long, it's fab!

This mascara promises 12x more volume, now I wouldn't say it gives you 12x more, I'd say more 4x. But it's impressive all the same!

The brush is quite large, but it's very easy to work with and it doesn't clump your lashes together.

Along with the mascara, there was a voucher for triple points when you buy a product from the advent calendar. I think I'll be purchasing a few things out of it, and who doesn't love triple points??

Overall I've been really impressed with this advent calendar and it was well worth the £30. Next year however, I will be buying a different beauty advent calendar, just so I can have something a bit different.

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  1. Think I'll definitely be buying a beauty advent calendar next year, seems well worth it! The Blow out mascara sounds great + I love the tube design too! :) lovely post, merry Christmas! L xo


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