Sunday, 30 March 2014

Superdrug and Primark Haul

So I went shopping and I accidentally bought more makeup, oops. But fear not, fear not, it wasn't that much and I got other things too, so overall I think I was pretty controlled. *rewards oneself with a biscuit* I won't be going into too much detail about all the products I got though because there will be individual reviews going up in the (very) near future.


As lovely as all the new PS Love makeup in Primark looked, there was nothing that I really wanted and the eyeshadow palette that I did want wasn't in stock. I did however pick up a few little bits that I'd say are quite essential, but of course what I think is essential might not be essential to you. (what am I talking about?)

I picked up this little mirror because everyone, I mean everyone, needs a mirror in their bags for touch ups and to check the condition of their makeup. It was only £1 and the pattern is really cute.

I also grabbed these eyelash curlers because my current ones from Superdrug were nearing the final days of eyelash curling. I've already used these every day since I got them and I have to say, they're a lot better than my Superdrug ones, and they're only £1. Oh Primark, I do love you and your incredible bargains.

Whilst strolling through the beauty area, I spotted a pack of 2 tweezers for £1 and I couldn't just leave them hanging on the stand, surely not. So they pottered along to the tills with me in my little basket. 

What really attracted me to these tweezers was that they were both different sizes, one had a thicker end and one had a teensy weensy thin end, perfect for grabbing the tiny little hairs when doing your eyebrows.

The last item that made its way to the tills  with me is this matte top coat. I love painting my nails but I haven't been able to do it much this past year as I've been taking cookery at school but very soon I will no longer be taking it so I'll be able to paint my nails all the time, which makes me very happy indeed. I love how matte nails look and yet again this was only £1 so I'm happy.


Ahhh, good old Superdrug. The place my purse goes to completely empty itself. But on this certain occasion, I left the shop with change still in my purse, I was rather impressed with myself.

As per usual, my feet took me along the shop floor to the Collection stand where I finally got my hands on the little babies I've been lusting after for ages (that sounds a bit creepy, oops). Enter the Cream Puffs.

I got the shades 'Cotton Candy' and 'Fairy Cake' which are both very comfortable to wear and they smell incredible.
There is a full review on these going up in the next 2 weeks so I will leave you all waiting to find out my entire thoughts on these, oooh the suspense. 

 My feet also carried me along to the MUA stand where I was calm and collected and didn't go mental and buy everything. 

My first purchase was the MUA Mega Volume Mascara which I actually bought because I pulled the brush out of the tester and it was completely clump free, I kid you not. There yet again will be a full review of this going up soon(ish) so keep your eyes peeled. It was only £3, the packaging is funky (am I allowed to say that in this day and age?) and so far, I'm lovin' it. This post is not sponsored by McDonald's.

Finally my hands accidentally grabbed one of the MUA Power Pout's in 'Runway' which is a very bright, orange-y pink. I guess you could say it's coral but I like my description better. Another full review of this will be up sometime, not sure when though, so yet again, keep your eyes peeled.

Finally finished hauling so I'm off to spend the rest of the evening watching Frozen, I'm not even sorry. Before I forget, Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mums out there, I hope you've all been spoilt. I'll be back again tomorrow with my (late) Weekend in Pictures. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My New Skin Saviour

You've all probably read at least one review on the skincare world's Beyonce, the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, I'm sure many of you probably own it. But as great as it sounded, I just couldn't justify spending £15 odd on a cream. But then, La Roche Posay only went and released a new, upgraded version of the Effaclar Duo called the Effaclar Duo (+). After reading some glowing reviews on it by bloggers that had been gifted the product before it was released, I really couldn't resist snapping it up when it was on introductory offer in Boots for just over £10.

Many of you will be sitting there thinking 'what's the difference between the two?' Well very much like the original Effaclar Duo it helps to prevent and clear blemishes and breakouts, targets redness, unclogs pores and controls the appearance of shine but the Duo (+) has been formulated to help reduce red marks and scarring left behind by blemishes. I've been using this for almost 2 months now and I can safely say that this does everything it claims. I think for that, La Roche Posay deserve a big round of applause *claps*. 

I have a lot of old scarring from bad breakouts but I have seen a massive difference in how noticeable the scars are, so much that some have completely gone. In terms of preventing blemishes and clearing them up, it works wonders. I haven't had a full on breakout for a good few weeks now, and for my incredibly oily, quite blemish prone skin, that is pretty great for me. Any blemishes that I do get though are cleared up in around 2 days, depending on how big they are. 

Having this little gem on my bedside table has just been skin saving. My skin is nowhere near as bad as it used to be and I only get a few occasional spots nowadays. At £15.50 this may not be the cheapest skincare item on the market, but for what it does and how well it does it, I reckon it's 100% worth it.

A haul will be up on Sunday along with the usual 'My Weekend in Pictures'. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Weekend in Pictures #2

This weekend was nowhere near as busy as last weekend but it was good all the same and I do still have some photo's to share with you all.

On Saturday I spent the day in town with my best friend and did a little bit of shopping. It was a really good day, we browsed the shops for a while then had lunch in Costa and took full advantage of the free WiFi. Look out for a little haul coming on Wednesday.
I never took any more photo's yesterday because I completely forgot, oops!

This morning I played with my old dolls house with my little sister for an hour or two and I let my interior designer inside me out and shortly after taking this photo I completely revamped the house (go me!)

Here's a cute little Playmobil family photo for you all, don't you just love how they all have identical smiles?

We then had a big sorting out of the book shelves in my sisters room and I found one of my childhood favourites, Hairy Maclary and friends. Anyone else remember him?

Here's the man himself, strutting along the page.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of photographing products, updating my 2014 Memories Jar and typing up blog posts.

As I'm typing this it is still the afternoon so when I finish all the posts that I have waiting to be edited and typed up, I will be having a mini Harry Potter movie marathon.

I didn't take many photo's this weekend, but all in all it was a pretty great, productive weekend! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and I shall be back on Wednesday with a little haul.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

World Duty Free Wishlist

For a lot of you, this is probably the smallest wishlist you've ever seen. With just over 3 weeks until I jet off to Italy for a week in the sunshine (and to raid the shops), I'm already planning out all my wishlists. I am really excited for World Duty Free at Heathrow as I've never properly looked in it before, but I hope there are some good deals!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

As gorgeous as the Naked 2 and 3 palette's are, I just love this one that little bit more. It has a perfect range of warm, neautral shades and is very, very versatile. I have been lusting after this palette for what seems like forever and I think that Duty Free is the perfect place to pick it up as it's discounted, who doesn't love a saving?

Victoria's Secret Body Spray

This is the one item that I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to pick up in Heathrow but my friend was there once and picked up one of the many scents for around £4 something, so I'm hoping I can get one! I haven't chosen what scent I'd like yet as unfortunately you can't smell through computer screens (maybe one day).

MAC Lipstick in Fanfare

A MAC lipstick. Shock horror, I've never owned one before but I'm hoping to pick up one (or two). The shade I really want is Fanfare as it's a gorgeous 'your lips but better' shade and I really don't have enough nudey/pink shades. Knowing me though, I'll buy more than one. I can feel my purse crying after this trip to Italy.

This was a very short (hopefully sweet) post but I promise next week's beauty post will be more exciting! I have a Kiko wishlist coming up soon so if you have any recommendations for Kiko that I could add to my list, please do let me know! Also any MAC products suggestions are very welcome too!
I hope you've all had a good week so far, you can make it to Friday!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Weekend in Pictures #1

Weekends are great, you can basically do anything you'd like (within reason) and you have 2 days off from school/work. This weekend I've been taking a lot of pictures of the things I've been doing so I thought I would share with you all what I've been up to. I've decided to make this a weekly thing and post a 'My Weekend in Pictures' every week for a while and see how it goes down with you all. I will still be posting beauty posts but that will be on Wednesdays instead of Sundays now. 
Rambling over, I'll get on to sharing the events of this weekend (please be warned, this is a very picture heavy post). 

Saturday morning started with a cup of tea and the Company mag, that has Zoe on the front, eeeeek *fangirls*.  

The afternoon was spent outside as it was a really mild day. As it was so nice and mild, we took the guinea pigs outside for a run around the grass (don't worry, we were watching them the whole time!)

For anyone wondering, this is Mickey, it took 19 photos to get these two, he kept sniffing my camera.

This is Dumbledore (can you tell I love Harry Potter?) doing his 'why are you looking at me' face.

And this is Buddy, the laziest most laid back guinea pig you will ever meet. He was out for 20 minutes and only moved when he needed new grass to eat.

I also got my inner gymnast out that afternoon, my cartwheels are no where near as good as they used to be *sigh*.

Whilst I was outside, I took a few close ups of a few of the first flowers to bloom this year.

I made my family an apple and pear crumble for pudding, it was very tasty (if I do say so myself).

Sunday morning was beautiful and sunny so after taking a short trip to Asda, we took the guinea pigs outside again. This is becoming a very guinea pig orientated post, whoops.

They had a little game of following the leader, Buddy never joined in though.

Here he is sunbathing whilst the other two madly chase each other round the garden.

 I don't know why, but I just find this picture adorable.

Guinea pigs all inside again, I stayed outside and my inner gymnast came out again, was quite proud of this.

 In case you're all wondering what I was wearing today, here's a quick mirror selfie (please excuse the frizz).

Top- New Look
Leggings- Primark

And just to finish this post, here's a photo of me looking very happy with myself., I don't even know why.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you did please let me know so I know whether to continue this series or not. How was your weekend and what did you get up to?

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