Sunday, 23 February 2014

The TMI Tag

Image from WeHeartIt, edited by me.

The TMI tag, I'm pretty sure most of you have either watched this tag on YouTube or read it on someone's blog, it's pretty popular. The other day I was tagged by Alyshia from to do this tag, so I thought I'd give it a go! 

What are you wearing?
My Eeyore onesie. 

Ever been in love?

Ever had a terrible breakup?
Nope, and I hope I never have one.

How tall are you?
Erm I'm not really sure, around 5"6/5"7.

How much do you weigh?
I'm really not sure.

Any tattoos?
Nope, and I don't plan on getting any.

Any piercings?
Just my ear lobes, I don't want anymore.

OTP (one true pair)?
Zalfie (Zoe and Alfie), Janya (Jim and Tanya) and Narcus (Niomi and Marcus).

Favourite show?
I don't really watch much tv, but when I do it's usually Family Guy or Coronation Street.

Favourite bands?
Boyce Avenue and 5 Seconds of Summer.

Something you miss?
Summer, I hate the cold.

Favourite song?
At the moment my favourite song is Let It Go (Idina Menzel's version).

How old are you?
I'm 14 and 8 months (I like to be precise).

Zodiac sign?
I'm Cancer which I think is the crab?

Quality you look for in a partner?
Kind, caring, funny and respectful.

Favourite quote?
'Just remember that when everything seems to be going against you, an airplane takes off against the wind and not with it.'

Favourite actor/actress?
Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright. (I'm not obsessed with Harry Potter at all.)

Favourite colour?
Purple and orange, I can't pick one.

Loud or soft music?
A mix of both. As long as the loud music isn't loud to a point where your ears are ringing for 10 days after listening to it.

Where do you go when you're sad?
My bed. But sometimes I lie on the floor because I can't be bothered getting up onto my bed.

How long does it take you to shower?
Not too long, about 10 minutes max.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Usually around half an hour, but including a shower it takes around 40 minutes.

Ever been in a physical fight?
With my older sister when I was 8, yes.

Turn on?
A sense of humour, kind, non-judgmental and nice eyes are also great.

Turn off?
Bad breath/body odour, horrible attitude and just general unpleasantness.

The reason you started blogging?
Blogging is something I've always been interested in, and I've always wanted a little corner of the internet where I can share my thoughts with the world, so on the 17th September 2013, my little blog was born.

I have a LOT, but a few are; spiders, heights, small spaces, the dark, dying, fire and losing someone I love. My worst has got to be flying though, ugh.

Last thing that made you cry?
A message someone sent to me. That is all you're getting out of me.

Last time you said you loved someone?
About 10 minutes ago to my little sister, she was off to sleep.

Meaning behind your blog name?
It's pretty self explanatory really, but I'm called Kirsty and my blog is my little corner of the internet, so it's Kirsty's Corner.

Last book you read?
Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult.

The book you're currently reading?
I've just started reading Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

Last show you watched?
Family Guy, I was half asleep when watching it though so I don't remember much about it.

Last person you talked to?
My dad.

The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
The last person I texted was *runs to find phone* my granny.

Favourite food?
Oooh, this is difficult, ermmm probably fajitas. 

Places you want to visit?
New York, Orlando/Florida, Sicily, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

Last place you were?
In my utility room, I was feeding my guinea pigs.

Do you have a crush?
Daniel Radcliffe. His jawline was crafted by Gods.

Last time you kissed someone?
When I said goodnight to my little sister.

Last time you were insulted?
Last Friday.

Favourite flavour of sweet?
I'm all about the mint flavoured sweets, someone pass me the After Eight's.

What instruments do you play?
I don't actually play any but I used to play the flute.

Favourite piece of jewellery?
My Thomas Sabo bracelet.

Last sport you played?
Ping Pong/Table Tennis in PE, does it count?

Last song you sang?
I was singing Royals by Lorde just to annoy my family earlier, they love my really.

Favourite chat up line?

This one is absolutely fabulous.

Have you ever used it?
Nooooooo, never.

Last time you hung out with someone?
Erm, every day at school, does that count?

Who should answer these questions next?

And anyone else is free to do this tag! If you do it, please let me know so I can check it out!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you'd like to see more (or less) tags in the future, please let me know!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean; Review

When someone say's 'Soap and Glory' the first thing that comes to mind is body care. Skincare isn't something that I immediately think of when you mention the name, and if I'm being honest, I haven't really had much interest in trying any of their skincare. That is until this little guy (or maybe it's a girl, who knows?) landed in my hands on Christmas morning inside the Yule Monty gift set.

Can I just ask one question? Why the heck have I not tried this before?

I've heard a few bloggers talking about this, MissBudgetBeauty loves this stuff! As I'd heard her rave so much about this, I used it the night I got it as a simple facial wash. Using it as a wash, I didn't notice any differences to my skin, but I was watching one of her videos, and she said she uses it as an overnight mask to get the best results from it. I was at first very skeptical about using this overnight, but I did, and I woke up with the softest skin ever. My blemishes had reduced MASSIVELY in size and the redness was almost gone. I couldn't believe what a difference it made!

Soap and Glory claim that this is a deep purifying cleanser, and if left on as a mask, it really is! I would however take the 'cleanser' part out of this as it is pretty horrendous at removing makeup, and don't even attempt to take your eye makeup off with this as you are risking the life of your eyes. It burns, a lot. 

In terms of packaging, it comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with a pump which is very handy (no more trying to shut lids with hands covered in cleanser). You can control the amount of product that comes out which is also great if you're only wanting to cover small areas, but one and a half pumps is all it takes to cover my whole face. And lets all just take a moment to appreciate the smell *inhales deeply*, it smells EXACTLY like peaches and oh my, it's fabulous.

I'm so glad I got this little gem at Christmas (thanks mum and dad Santa!)
I'd 100% recommend you pick this up next time you're in Boots! Psst, there's currently 1/3 off selected Soap and Glory at the moment so you can get this for £5.33 instead of £8 here.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, sorry for it being up later than usual, it's been a busy weekend.

Also whilst you're all here, could you all please take 2 minutes (pretty please) to fill in this survey ( to help me with my
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Top 10 Under £10- Makeup

We've all had times where we're standing in a Boots or Superdrug with money in our pockets and we quite frankly, have no idea what to buy. It can be quite overwhelming sometimes, there's just so much to choose from. You're just left standing there trying to decide between a new mascara, or a new eyeshadow. It's a difficult decision. I have constructed a list of my top 10 makeup products under £10, so that all of you lovely people don't have to go through the 'I don't know what to buy because I want it all but I don't have enough money' dilemma. And if you're a newbie to makeup, this may be quite helpful to you too as I'm sure spending £15 on a MAC lipstick or £22 on a highlighter sounds a teensy bit extreme. It was incredibly difficult narrowing all my favourite products down to only 10, but after lots of um-ing and ah-ing I finally whittled them down.

The first item that has crept its way into my top 10 is the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder. Highlighter is something I've just recently been getting into and this has got to be one of the best I've tried. For £3 (yes you read that right), you really can't go wrong. 

I have read a few reviews saying that the packaging is 'tacky' which I 100% disagree on. I think that it's very simple, pretty and sturdy. 

Can we all just take a moment and admire how beautiful this highlighter looks? At a glance, this looks like a MAC highlighter. 

This isn't the most pigmented highlighter ever, but with one swipe you can pick up enough product to make your cheeks all glowy (not vampire glowy) and fabulous. As you only need a small amount of this, I'm sure it will last agesss. It can be a hard to find these in store, it took me 3 weeks to find one *sigh*, but you can get them here from the MUA website.

The second item that has found it's way into my top 10 under £10 is the Barry M Natural Glow Shadow and Blush Palette, here's a challenge, try saying that quickly. I know what you're all thinking, 'Barry M, doing eyeshadow palettes? This can't be true'. Well indeed it is.

This palette, from the outside, looks like a Stila palette *thumbs up* and it is quite sturdy. I really love the big mirror you get inside as it can be used when travelling. 

All the shadows are really nicely pigmented but the blush is hardly pigmented at all. It does however make a really nice highlighter and it's not completely useless (yay!).
At £6.49 this palette is really good value for money and it has a really good range of colours. 

The third item that has sneaked it's way onto my list is the Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara. This is (dare I say it?) my holy grail mascara. As I have naturally quite long eyelashes, I always go for mascaras that promise to volumise your eyelashes. This mascara promises '9x the volume'. Now I wouldn't say it gives quite that much volume but it definitely makes a dramatic difference and creates the effect of fuller lashes. It doesn't flake or smudge during the day and my eyelashes look the same at the end of the day as they do when I first apply this mascara.

The tube makes it really easy to find in the mornings when I'm still half asleep and raking through my ridiculous stash of mascaras. 

In terms of the brush size, it's not massive but it's not tiny. It's, as Goldilocks would say, just right! For £7.99 this mascara will remain a staple in my makeup bag, unless I find a better one.

Lipstick was a hard one to choose, but in the end I just went for my favourite lipstick of the moment which is the Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in Shade 107. I'm not going to speak about this too much as I did a full review on it here.

It's so beautiful. Don't you agree?

No matter how many times I swatch this, I'll never get over how pigmented it is!

Now I have a love-hate relationship with this next item. I used to hate it but now I love it, but then some days I hate it again. It's very strange. But when I love it, I really really love it, which is why I've decided to put it in this post. It's the oh so famous Rimmel Stay Matte. This has got to be the most hyped up powder ever. Everyone and their mothers talk about it. If you haven't heard of it, then where the heck have you been!?

Apologies for the battered packaging, this little guy has been everywhere with me, hence the reason it is no longer 'Stay Matte' but 'Sta Matte'. 

I have the shade '001 Transparent' which I feel is the best shade as you can build it up as much as you like without it going cakey. This keeps me matte for around 4 hours before I have to touch up but so far, this is the longest any powder has kept me matte.

It lasts ages, I've had this for about 8/9 months and I've only just hit pan, anyone else get really excited when they hit pan? Or just me? Probably just me. 
Anyways, even though I sometimes hate this powder, the majority of the time I love it, so if you want to hop on the bandwagon (if you haven't already) then go out and get this, go on, I dare you;)it's only £3.99 after all.

The sixth item is a very predictable one. If you haven't heard of this, then I think you need to come out from that rock you've been living under because I genuinely do not know one person that hasn't talked about this concealer. And, if you haven't already guessed (and seen the photos) it's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

This concealer is just the best concealer ever. It covers spots, under eye circles and redness perfectly. One tube lasts AGES, and it just seems never ending! 

 I have managed to preserve this tube and prevent the writing being rubbed off (yay me) but be warned, the writing does rub off and does ruin the inside of makeup bags.

I have the shade 'Fair' which is the lightest shade there is. In summer I'm the next shade up but in winter I turn into a vampire, and this matches perfectly. 

As you're all probably very well aware, this concealer has a doe foot applicator. It can be a little unhygenic but I wash mine every so often so I'm not spreading bacteria around my face (anyone else?). I'd recommend this concealer to anyone and I don't know how I survived without it before. And it's only £4.19, what's not to love?

Staying on the 'facial area' my next item is a blusher. Now I'm not usually one for blusher, I'm quite often very heavy handed and end up making myself look like a clown but Natural Collection's Blush in 'Peach Melba' is perfect for me.

In the pan, this blusher looks quite brown toned, but on your cheeks it gives such a natural rosy flush.

This blush isn't insanely pigmented, but I find that to be a good thing as I can't really apply too much and make myself look like a clown. The pot is also a really nice size for travelling. This blush was only £1.99 and I'll definitely be going back to Boots and seeing what other shades are on offer.

We're getting there(finally). My 8th item of choice is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze'.

This is yet again another incredibly hyped up product in the beauty blogging and YouTube world. This is just the perfect eyeshadow, in terms of lasting power and colour. One quick swipe is all it takes to tranform your eyelids from dull and dreary, to glittery and gorgeous! 

Well hello there fantastic pigmentation, how you doin'?

These are perfect for throwing on in a morning when you have very little time to get ready and also for parties or meals out etc. Sometimes I like to apply this all over my lid and then blend out the edges with my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush to create a (sort of) smokey eye.
You really cannot go wrong with these and I can't recommend them enough!

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll probably already know what eyeliner I'm going to recommend, it's my holy grail eyeliner and I've just recently purchased my 5th one. That's how much I love it.

It's the Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner. When I first got this it was by accident and I'd actually meant to pick up a pencil liner, but that mistake was one of the best mistakes I've made before. This baby doesn't smudge at all, stays in place all day and is as black as anything. 


I've spoken about this so many times before, so instead of rambling on about it, I suggest that if you're a liquid eyeliner wearer, like myself, you should go out and get this! Go on, you won't regret it!

The final item in my top 10 under £10 is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

 Sooo many people have hyped this brush up, and being my usual curious self, I finally gave into the hype and asked for it for my Christmas. This brush is everything I expected it to be and more. 

As you can see, the bristles are very dense and this results in you getting a very flawless finish. This brush is so so so so soft (not got quite enough so's) and it's my go-to brush for applying foundation. It literally gives you the most perfect, airbrushed finish ever and I cannot describe my love for this. And for £8.99, you can't say no!

And finally you have reached the end of this post! I hope it wasn't too long (although it was rather lengthy) and it helped some of you in some way! If you've tried any of the products mentioned in this post please let me know your thoughts on them!

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hot Chocolate and Macarons

I love a good day out with my family. Whether it's to the cinema, shopping, or just a walk in the park, I love just taking time out from everything and spending a few hours with the people that mean the most to me (cringee).
Yesterday we took a little trip to our nearest town for a browse through the shops. Before attacking the shops and battling through the shoppers, we went to a little French themed cafe called The Kilted Frog. I had never been to this cafe before yesterday, but I'm now bursting to go back again! It had such a lovely atmosphere and the food was sooo good. 

The first thing that struck me when we walked in was how much it looked like an authentic French cafe (ooh la la). There were bowls of olives in the centre of the room and pain au chocolat's lining the walls, fair to say it was food heaven! 

It took a few minutes to get a seat as there aren't many tables in the cafe but we eventually managed to grab a table by the window.  

I ordered a triple chocolate muffin (as per) and a hot chocolate. My mum and dad also ordered some macarons for us all to share. 

*inserts as many photos as possible of a chocolate muffin to make everyone jealous*

The macarons we got were; Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Lemon and Raspberry. My personal favourite was the lemon one.

On the table we sat at, there was a little book called 'Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining'. It was absolutely jam packed with inspirational, uplifting quotes and I now think I may have to order one for myself. 

This was one of my many favourite quotes in the book. You can buy it here for £4.99 if you'd like your own copy.

Hot chocolate, chocolate muffin and macarons demolished, we then set off to the shops and see if we could grab any last minute sales. I managed to pick up a few bits of clothing so if you'd like a clothing haul, please leave a comment.
I had a really great day and I really enjoyed spending time with my family. If you'd like to see more 'out and about' lifestyle posts, please let me know in the comments! This is the first proper lifestyle post I've ever done so I really hope you all enjoyed it.

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