Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean; Review

When someone say's 'Soap and Glory' the first thing that comes to mind is body care. Skincare isn't something that I immediately think of when you mention the name, and if I'm being honest, I haven't really had much interest in trying any of their skincare. That is until this little guy (or maybe it's a girl, who knows?) landed in my hands on Christmas morning inside the Yule Monty gift set.

Can I just ask one question? Why the heck have I not tried this before?

I've heard a few bloggers talking about this, MissBudgetBeauty loves this stuff! As I'd heard her rave so much about this, I used it the night I got it as a simple facial wash. Using it as a wash, I didn't notice any differences to my skin, but I was watching one of her videos, and she said she uses it as an overnight mask to get the best results from it. I was at first very skeptical about using this overnight, but I did, and I woke up with the softest skin ever. My blemishes had reduced MASSIVELY in size and the redness was almost gone. I couldn't believe what a difference it made!

Soap and Glory claim that this is a deep purifying cleanser, and if left on as a mask, it really is! I would however take the 'cleanser' part out of this as it is pretty horrendous at removing makeup, and don't even attempt to take your eye makeup off with this as you are risking the life of your eyes. It burns, a lot. 

In terms of packaging, it comes in a 200ml plastic bottle with a pump which is very handy (no more trying to shut lids with hands covered in cleanser). You can control the amount of product that comes out which is also great if you're only wanting to cover small areas, but one and a half pumps is all it takes to cover my whole face. And lets all just take a moment to appreciate the smell *inhales deeply*, it smells EXACTLY like peaches and oh my, it's fabulous.

I'm so glad I got this little gem at Christmas (thanks mum and dad Santa!)
I'd 100% recommend you pick this up next time you're in Boots! Psst, there's currently 1/3 off selected Soap and Glory at the moment so you can get this for £5.33 instead of £8 here.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, sorry for it being up later than usual, it's been a busy weekend.

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  1. Lovely review! Peaches and Clean is a product that has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever and a day, I've heard so many positive reviews of it x

    P.S: I'm currently composing a list of bloggers interested in taking part in a lower budget Easter Beauty Box Swap! If you're interested you can add your name to the list by commenting on this post:


    1. You really should get it, especially as it's 1/3 off just now! I'll have a look:)
      Lots of love,
      Kirsty x

  2. This looks lovely! Great review :) love your blog design too x

  3. hiii! I love your blog so I nominated you for the Liebster Awards you can read mine here for what you have to do :)


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