Sunday, 26 January 2014

Soap and Glory Powder Trip; Review

Sometimes, when scrolling through the Boots website, we find a deal that we quite simply cannot ignore. Whilst scrolling through the website on boxing day, I saw that the Soap & Glory 'Powder Trip' was half price and it was only £10. Considering each powder is £11/£12 each and you get a brush and a mirror with them all, I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head (they didn't though, no one panic). I immediately placed an order and collected it in store a week later. I went straight home and got playing around with it. I was like a 5 year old with a brand new toy.
Unfortunately this isn't available from Boots for the same price I paid anymore, but you can get it here for £21.95 which is still a fab deal for all 3 powders.

Can we all just take a moment and admire the packaging? I absolutely LOVE it. It is made of cardboard but it's so sturdy. The magnet that closes it is really strong, some mornings when I'm half asleep I struggle to get it open.

In this set you get 3 of Soap and Glory's best selling powders; the Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder, the Love At First Blush Blushing Powder and the Solar Powder Bronzer. I have wanted to try these powders for the longest time after seeing Fleur rave about them on her blog a while back.

The Glow All Out powder is a pinky-champagne highlighter with amazing pigmentation. This highlighter adds such a gorgeous glow to your cheekbones without looking over the top (Edward Cullen I'm looking at you). I like to apply this with my 'Contour Brush' from Real Techniques. Before I got this set I was a 'highlighter virgin' as some may say, but as this is so good I really want to try more. Please let me know of any highlighters that you really love in the comments!

Being very pale means that out on the high street, bronzers that work with pale skinned girls like myself, without making us look like tangerines, *David Attenborough voice* are very rare . Well girls, I think I've finally found a bronzer that works for pale skin. Enter, the Solar Powder *dun dun dun*. 

This is a bronzing duo that comes with a light brown shade with a hint of shimmer, and a dark brown shade that is completely matte. Swirl them together and say hello to the perfect contour shade. I also love the fact that this is buildable so you can darken it up if you wish.

The final powder in my little pony (lets just pretend that didn't happen) Powder Trip is the Love at First Blush Multi Shade Shimmer Powder (. Now I'm not usually one for wearing blush, but since getting this I've been trying it out more. 

This is a really glowy blush, all the colours contain shimmer and when you swirl your brush around the amount of shimmer increases massively. For that reason I do recommend being VERY light handed with this blush or you will look like Edward Cullen. This also works really well as a highlighter but you yet again have to be very light handed.

Finally, there is a little brush included that in all honesty, isn't half bad!

Andd that is all from me for today. I hope you've enjoyed this post and have found it helpful in some way. If you have any post requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Have a great week.♥ 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Perfect Pamper Evening

We all love a good ol' pamper evening, and you'd be lying to yourself if you said you didn't! Whether you've had a bad day, or you're just not feeling 100%, a pamper evening is the ticket to turning that frown upside down (cliche alert). Now we all have different ideas of pamper evenings, but I thought I'd share with you all my perfect pamper evening.

The first thing I do, is light a candle. The candle I've been burning recently is one from Primark's Christmas Home range called 'Firewood Fig'. It's a very musky, wintry smells but it doesn't give off much scent at all when you burn it. I mainly use it to create a more relaxed, calming atmosphere.

Once my candle is lit, I run my bath. You could of course take a shower, but I find baths so much more relaxing. If however you find showers more relaxing, have a shower! It's up to you!

It is a must to have bubbles in my bath. I don't know about you, but if I don't have bubbles in my bath, I don't enjoy the bath as much. Bubbles make baths more fun, who doesn't love giving themselves bubble beards? 

The bubble bath I use is the Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All (I always say it as camel for some bizarre reason). This is such a great bubble bath, it smells fantastic and has added moisturising properties, making your skin super duper soft. A little goes a long way with this bubble bath and it foams up really well.

Whilst the bath is running, I slap on my favourite facemask. Well I don't exactly slap it on, that would hurt, but you know what I mean.
The one I most often reach for is the Superdrug Dead Sea Detoxifying Mud Mask (review here). This is such a fantastic mask and I can't recommend it enough. It unclogs my pores and leaves my skin radiant and soft.

Here's me looking like I've just arrived from another planet with out of control hair, nothing new there;)
Once my bath has run, I get in and relax for a good 5-10 minutes, I can't stay still for any longer though as I find baths very stuffy and claustrophobic. I make sure all my electrical devices are switched off as I can't relax when they're all beeping and flashing away. And having your electrical's in the bath is very risky, very risky indeed.

Relaxation time over, I move on to buffing away all the dead skin cells lurking all over my body with the Soap and Glory Scrub of Your Life. This really is a fantastic scrub, it smells amazing and leaves your skin (excuse the cliche) as soft as a baby's bottom. And who doesn't love feeling like a baby's bottom all over? And if you don't know what a baby's bottom feels like (I personally don't), I've been told it feels like your legs when they're freshly shaved, exfoliated and moisturised. Please however take my word for it and don't go feeling any baby's bums, that would be weird. 

After some good ol' scrubbing, I get out, dry myself and move onto moisturising. I don't know about you, but I'm not the biggest fan of moisturising, it's just such a faff, but when I have a pamper night I like to use a thick, super moisturising body butter that goes by the name of 'The Righteous Butter'. 

This is hands down, the most moisturising body butter I've ever used. It's so thick and creamy and it doesn't even take long to sink in. It also smells like heaven, and if you don't know what heaven smells like, go give this a sniff. 

Heavenly moisturising over, I then have to wash off my facemask and exfoliate my face to make sure all the dead skin has gone. This all usually ends in me standing in a pool of water.

The scrub I use is the St Ives Apricot Blemish Scrub. I love this scrub but it's quite rough so I save it just for pamper nights. 
It sort of looks like porridge but it smells like apricot so it's rather confusing, nice all the same though.

I do always notice a difference after using this scrub, and I'd 100% recommend this to anyone with spot prone/oily/combination skin.

Now some people may just end their pamper evenings here, but I like to take it one step further and venture downstairs for a hot chocolate, otherwise known as heaven in a cup.

Oh how I love torturing you all with close up shots of marshmallows, I bet you're all craving hot chocolate now. 
Hot chocolate demolished, I then trek back upstairs to read. The book I'm currently reading is Looking For Alaska by John Green. I'm not far enough into the book to give a full on review but so far, so good!

This is completely off topic, but how cute is my bookmark? His head is kind of falling off though, very sad times.
And finally, the lights go out, my head hits the pillow, I go on twitter for 2 hours, then I fall asleep. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I certainly enjoyed writing it! If you'd like to see any similar posts in the future, be sure to let me know! 

As a little end note, I'd like to thank you all for 200 Bloglovin' followers!! It genuinely means the absolute world and I cannot thank you all enough for supporting and following my blog. I never even thought my little blog would get 2 followers, let alone 200!! I'm so grateful, I really am. When I reach 250 followers, I might do a little giveaway so keep your eyes peeled for that! I love you all.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask; Review

You know when you find a product, and you just wonder, 'why have I never found this before?'. Well this little gem is one of those products. 
At least once a week, I love to treat my skin to a good ol' facemask. I picked this facemask up after seeing a few great reviews of it on blogs. I picked it up at the perfect time as my skin was going crazy. Dry patches here, blemishes there, super oily patches everywhere. Before reading Lauryn's review, I was considering splashing out on the clay mask from Origins, but instead I went for this little guy. Clay masks have been raved about by so many bloggers, they're some of the best masks out there for unclogging and deep cleansing the skin. 

I picked this up for £2.59, an absolute bargain! The packaging is so cute and feels quite expensive because of the matte tube. In terms of the smell, you either love it, or you hate it. I personally love it but my mum absolutely hates it. 

When you apply this mask, apart from looking like you've come from another planet, your face tingles slightly. Not a burning tingle, just a 'the facemask is getting to work' tingle. I've noticed that when I have it on, the areas that the impurities and dirt are being drawn out of, stay dark green/brown. I find this strangely fascinating and it just shows that the facemask is doing as promised. 

Superdrug say for you to keep this mask on for 10-15 minutes, or until the mask goes stiff. I like to keep it on for 30 minutes but by the end of those 30 minutes, I can't even move my mouth. My only bug bear with this facemask is that it is really hard to wash off by just splashing water on your face. I tend to use a muslin cloth to remove it as all splashing water onto my face does is partially flood my bathroom.
Once it's been washed off, my face is left a little bit red, and you can see the outlines of where the mask was, but it feels AMAZING. So soft, radiant and I can see that my blemishes have reduced in size, considerably. 
I am so happy with this facemask and I will be trying others from the same range as this one has impressed me so much. It literally does everything it says on the tube, and even more! 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in Shade 107

This winter I have been absolutely loving the berry/plum lips trend. Sometimes if I'm not wearing a dark berry lip, I feel naked (anyone else?). For my age, I'm guess I'm very daring with lip colours as most of my friends don't wear anything on their lips at all.  It doesn't take much to persuade me to buy a new lipstick, just show me 2 good reviews on one and I can guarantee that it'll be mine the next week. So after around 20 people recommended this lipstick to me on Twitter, is it any surprise I left Boots with this in my shopping bag? Now, this little gem has fast become one of my all time favourite winter lipsticks. 

First off, the packaging. Personally I absolutely love this packaging, the matte red tube just adds a nice pop of colour to my lipstick collection and looks really elegant. The 'Kate' signature just adds to the overall look and makes the product look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

In terms of formulation, this is a matte formula. I have tried a few matte lipsticks before but some just drag along your lips highlighting the dry, chapped areas, MUA I'm looking at you. I was kind of expecting this to be just the same, but oh boy I was wrong! This lipstick literally glides on, just like a regular creamy formula lipstick does. The pigmentation is so impressive, one swipe is all it takes to get bold, berry lips. There are blue undertones to this which is a big bonus as it makes your teeth look whiter.

Lasting power is something we all look for in a lipstick and this one packs a punch in that department! The full colour lasts a good 3-4 hours, with eating and drinking, then it starts to wear away to a very nice, berry stain. Some people may not like this but I love this as it means even if it isn't at it's full opacity, I still have colour on my lips.

I would 100% recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for a matte, berry lip colour but doesn't want to spend a fortune. I'm now very tempted to go out and buy a few more shades from the range. For only £5.49 this lipstick is an absolute steal! 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Exciting Blog Changes

So it's a New Year, and I reckon it's time for a bit of change on the blogging front of things. As you may have already noticed, my blog is now called 'Kirsty's Corner'! *squeals*

The reason for this change is that I felt like I had grown out of 'agirlwithamakeupblog' and I also felt like it restricted what I could post and what people expected from my blog. For example, I want to post more DIY post's and Lifestyle posts, but those sorts of posts just didn't fit in with my old name. I feel that Kirsty's Corner is suitable as it doesn't actually specify what will be on my blog and it doesn't restrict what I can post. So for all you Bloglovin' users, if you find yourself following 'Kirsty's Corner', that will be me, so don't panic. I will still be posting reviews, hauls, OOTD's etc, but I'll begin posting book reviews, DIY's and lots of different lifestyle-y posts.

4 months ago, when I started my 'blogging journey' I'd never have imagined how far I'd come. I'm 22 followers away from 200 on bloglovin and I'm 36 away from 100 on GFC! When I started my blog, I didn't think that one person would ever read it, let alone 252 people!!! I'm so excited for the year ahead with Kirsty's Corner! 
I'm hoping that you will all continue to read my blog and hopefully enjoy it! Thanks for all your support over the past few months! 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

DIY; 2014 Memory Jar

I'm so glad it's 2014 as I have a feeling this year will be a great year. To kick off the blogging year, today I'm going to be showing you how to make your very own 2014 Memory Jar. This is a very quick, 2 step task that is quick and easy to do. This post was meant to go up on New Years Eve but I forgot to finish typing it, whoops.

You will need;
An empty jar,
A newspaper/magazine
PVA Glue

1) Take your magazine, or newspaper, and go through it finding the letters that make up the words that you want on your jar. It can be '2014 Memory Jar' (as I've done), '2014 memories' or just '2014', it's entirely up to you.

2) Stick the letters onto your jar, however you'd like using PVA glue. You can use a pritt stick but I prefer using PVA glue as it's stronger and sticks things on better. You can stick the letters on in any way you like, I just chose to do it in a 'collage' way.

Andddd, there you have it. Your very own 2014 Memories Jar. Every time something good happens, I'm going to write it on a piece of paper and put it in my jar. I'm going to aim to put at least one thing in every day as it will encourage me to look at my day and go 'that was a great thing about today' and therefore make me more think more positively about things. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration and if you'd like to see more DIY posts, please let me know as I enjoy doing them. My New Years Resolutions and Blog Plans post will be up on Sunday.

Thanks for reading x 

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