Sunday, 16 March 2014

My Weekend in Pictures #1

Weekends are great, you can basically do anything you'd like (within reason) and you have 2 days off from school/work. This weekend I've been taking a lot of pictures of the things I've been doing so I thought I would share with you all what I've been up to. I've decided to make this a weekly thing and post a 'My Weekend in Pictures' every week for a while and see how it goes down with you all. I will still be posting beauty posts but that will be on Wednesdays instead of Sundays now. 
Rambling over, I'll get on to sharing the events of this weekend (please be warned, this is a very picture heavy post). 

Saturday morning started with a cup of tea and the Company mag, that has Zoe on the front, eeeeek *fangirls*.  

The afternoon was spent outside as it was a really mild day. As it was so nice and mild, we took the guinea pigs outside for a run around the grass (don't worry, we were watching them the whole time!)

For anyone wondering, this is Mickey, it took 19 photos to get these two, he kept sniffing my camera.

This is Dumbledore (can you tell I love Harry Potter?) doing his 'why are you looking at me' face.

And this is Buddy, the laziest most laid back guinea pig you will ever meet. He was out for 20 minutes and only moved when he needed new grass to eat.

I also got my inner gymnast out that afternoon, my cartwheels are no where near as good as they used to be *sigh*.

Whilst I was outside, I took a few close ups of a few of the first flowers to bloom this year.

I made my family an apple and pear crumble for pudding, it was very tasty (if I do say so myself).

Sunday morning was beautiful and sunny so after taking a short trip to Asda, we took the guinea pigs outside again. This is becoming a very guinea pig orientated post, whoops.

They had a little game of following the leader, Buddy never joined in though.

Here he is sunbathing whilst the other two madly chase each other round the garden.

 I don't know why, but I just find this picture adorable.

Guinea pigs all inside again, I stayed outside and my inner gymnast came out again, was quite proud of this.

 In case you're all wondering what I was wearing today, here's a quick mirror selfie (please excuse the frizz).

Top- New Look
Leggings- Primark

And just to finish this post, here's a photo of me looking very happy with myself., I don't even know why.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you did please let me know so I know whether to continue this series or not. How was your weekend and what did you get up to?


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! And OMG your little guinea pigs are soooo cute! I'm obsessed with them & bunny rabbits. You have an awesome blog!

    x leah symonne x

  2. Hey hunny! I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog! The rules and questions are on my blog:
    Can't wait to see your post!

  3. First ur very cute! Second this guinea pigs are simply adorable! Ur post made me smile!!!

  4. Your guinea pigs are really adorable.

  5. Hello, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can see what that is here, with the rules and the questions I need you to answer:
    Thanks, Lauren x


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