Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- Days 16 & 17

There are 7 days left in my advent calendar, and it feels like I've had it for no time at all!
 I've bunched both day's together as day 16 wasn't really worth a whole blog post. The gift I received yesterday was sort of a disappointment, but it was nice all the same.

Let's see what it was...

Yesterday's gift was a cute little nail file. There isn't much to say about this except that it's cute, and nail files are always handy to have nearby as you never know when you may snag a nail. I'm sure I'll get good use out of this as I'm growing my nails long and they always get snagged and go funny shapes. It was a little disappointing but I won't complain too much as today's gift certainly made up for it.

The suspense...


Today's gift was a mini Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub. I've heard great things about this scrub and I can't wait to try it! It smells heavenly, I've literally just sat and sniffed it half the night (yeah, I'm weird). It looks like wet sand in a way but it feels very exfoliating and I'm excited to use it!

I'm soooo happy with today's gift as I'm a huge Soap & Glory fan and I love trying new things from them:D My will expand massively on Christmas because I'm getting The Yule Monty gift hamper (ahhhhh!!) so this has made me super excited for that too!!


  1. I love that S&G scrub so much, I would have been made up with it.
    I can't say I'd be happy with the nail file though, looks like a cheap way to bulk up the calendar, :( hopefully tomorrow's will make up for it. :D

    Juyey xx

    1. I am made up!! Can't wait to use it! I'm not too chuffed with it, I agree, it does seem like a cheap way to bulk the calendar up:( x

  2. The S&G is amazing, what a great sample! The nail file is a bit meh though. This calender seems really hit and miss, but the scrub is certainly making up for that x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. I'm so excited to try it!! It is a bit meh but you can't have it all I guess! the scrub definitely makes up for it:) x


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