Saturday, 7 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- Day 7

Before I even opened today's door, I knew exactly what it would be, just not what scent or brand.

No prizes for guessing what it is;)

Today's gift was a Paco Rabanne Black XS perfume sample. I've never ever smelt this fragrance, in fact I never even knew it existed so I was excited to smell it. 

This perfume is aimed at 'rock princesses' which I am certainly not. This is a very musky fragrance, and I can't decide whether I like it or not, it's not quite my cup of tea to be honest, but I'll have a few more sniffs before I decide. If you want all the info on the top notes etc, click here.

I'm soooo excited for tomorrow's door as it is the biggest door in the calendar and I have no idea what's going to be in it! Eeeeek! 


  1. I got this and I'm not a fan of it either!
    But my sister loves i
    UK High Street Fashion Blog


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