Sunday, 22 December 2013

Let it Snow // Nail Tutorial

It's almost Christmas guys, 3 sleeps!!! This morning I was sat doing nothing, as per usual, when I realised that I hadn't done my nails for Christmas Day. I then went into major panic mode and started searching through my nail polish collection for colours I could use. I then realised that I had 2 new nail colours from my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar that would go perfectly together. There isn't actually snow painted on my nails but one of the nail polishes I used created the effect of snow. Hopefully some of you will get inspiration from this post and possibly re-create the look.

First and foremost I used my 6 step nail block from Nspa.

I got this last year from Asda and I'm unable to find it on the website but you can get these from Boots for about £1.99. I always use this as it preps the nails really well and helps make a nice smooth base for nail polish.

Once I've prepped my nails, I apply a base coat to help the nail polish last longer and to prevent my nails from getting stained.

I used my Sally Hansen Maximum Growth polish as a base coat because even though my nails are relatively long at the moment, they're still growing and this helps speed up the process. I really love this product and I would highly recommend it to any nail biters/anyone with weak nails.

After I applied my base coat, I went on to apply the main colour. The colour I chose to use was Nails Inc 'Porchester Square' which is a light muted mushroom shade. I received it today in my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar and I'm chuffed. I love this shade so much, I think it just looks so classy and grown up and it applies really well.

This is genuinely one of the nicest nail polishes I own. It's just such a lovely colour and I'd highly recommend this sort of colour to everyone! Nails Inc polishes are fairly pricey, so if you're looking for a similar one, Essie Merino is quite similar, it's just a shade or two darker. 

Once my main colour had dried, I went on to apply a glitter top coat. The top coat I used was Mavala's nail polish in '213 Pure Diamond'. This is a lovely holographic glitter nail polish that reminds me of snow, and it inspired the name for this tutorial.

I'm aware that I missed a spot but lets just look past that and admire the beauty;). On top of 'Porchester Square' it looks so pretty. I love the effect it creates and it goes on so smoothly and doesn't leave your nails bumpy like some glitter polishes do *cough* Rimmel *cough*. 

And here is the finished look;

I hope you enjoyed this post as it was something different for me to write and it was completely different to anything I've posted on my blog before. If any of you re-create this look or would like to see more nail tutorials, please let me know in the comments. 


  1. Your nails look amazing! Almost like a glittery ball-ball! haha, great post yet again Kirsty! Lots of love, Lauryn xxx

  2. gah your nails look gorgeous! so Christmassy :D
    L xo

  3. So simple and so cute! I like how you included a nail prep breakdown, it makes such a difference on the final look ;)


    1. aw thankyou:) haha, of course it does, every little counts;) x

  4. I totally got both of these colours in m Boots advent calender! I LOVE them both!

    Anyways, thanks for messaging me on twitter through the #bbloggers chat! I have now added you on GFC, Bloglovin and Twitter, I hope you will follow me back too!

    Lucie // Fatbeautyx // My latest post (Blogsale!!! ) // Vote for me in the #UKBA14

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  6. I love your nails!!! they are soo cute!!!!

  7. this combo of polishes looks really nice!i would definitely wear this at any time during the year!gorgeous!:)xx


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