Monday, 9 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- Day 9

It's already day 9 of advent, and I feel like December is rushing past (which is a good thing as Christmas will come quicker). Today's gift was a really nice surprise and I was super happy to receive it. 

The tension...

Today's gift was a full size Seventeen Supreme Shine nail polish in 'Miami'. The thing that struck me the most is the 'up to 10 days wear' claim, who doesn't want their nail polish to last 10 days? I know I do!! 

This nail polish has a really wide brush, which I think will make it really easy to apply. I'm really excited to wear this colour as it's not the sort of colour I'd normally wear but I think it will be perfect for summer and will go amazing with a tan.

I'm yet again excited for tomorrow's door!

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