Thursday, 12 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- Day 12

Where is the snow?! It's almost Christmas and it looks like October, whyyy??

Anyways, today's gift was once again another nail product (not complaining!) which I'm chuffed with.

Lets take a look...

Today's gift was a Boots Salon Nail Care Nail Shine Solution (what a mouthful!). 
This product is a nail polish that is meant to make your nails look 'glossy' and 'professional'. It's a clear polish which can be used as a base coat, or a top coat, or both. 
I have swatched this today, and it is really really glossy and makes your nails look really healthy and nice.

This is a full size bottle and I have seen this on a few blogs and overall people have said it is really good so I'm looking forward to using this properly.

I can't believe that I'm already halfway through my advent calendar, and so far, so good!! I'm excited for the next 12 days!


  1. I never even knew Boots did an advent calendar! Looks amazing :)
    Elise -

  2. I've used this before & found it worked really well :) x



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