Saturday, 21 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- Days 20 & 21

As I'm typing this, it's 4 days until Christmas, crazy!! It feels like it wasn't so long ago that we were all excited because it was 4 weeks until Christmas!

Yesterday's gift was a really, really nice gift and I was delighted to find it behind the door.

Hmmm, any ideas??

Yesterday's gift was a Mavala nail polish in '213 Pure Diamond' which is a gorgeous holographic glitter, which can be used as a top coat or on it's own.

I have no other nail polishes in my collection that are like this and I'm so happy to have got it. I'm sure that I'll get a lot of use out of it this festive season, it may even be part of my Christmas nails.. who knows??

 Any guesses?

Today's gift was a full size (I think) Botanics Heat Protection Shine Serum. This is a serum that is supposed to make your hair look healthy and shiny whilst controlling frizz, which has really excited me as having naturally curly hair=frizz. I will literally do anything to get rid of the frizz.

You only get 30ml of product in the tub, but one or two pumps I think would be sufficient enough for my whole head.

The serum just looks like any other serum but it smells really floral/fruity, really similar to my Aussie Dual Personality Serum. I'm excited to try this out and see if it does as it claims!

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  1. Ooh I forgot that Boots had a beauty advent calendar! I've seen so many beauty advent calendars this year but hardly anyone has mentioned this one.


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