Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar- Day 11

It's crazy how fast time is going, it literally feels like yesterday that I wrote my first advent calendar post, whattt?!
Anyways, today's gift was another pleasant surprise that I was pleased to receive.

What could it possibly be?!

Today's gift was a mini 'GHOST' perfume sample. I have heard a lot of people rave about this fragrance, including my auntie, so I was excited to smell it, and oh my lord, it smells AMAZING.

When I first opened the door, I thought that this was just a regular spray perfume sample, but it turns out that it has a little brush thingy that you use to dot the perfume onto yourself. Genius! It is really hard to unscrew the lid though.

This sample is actually bigger than regular perfume samples, and it has way more perfume in it, which is always a plus, seeing as it smells so nice.

Ghost is described as a feminine fragrance, and I absolutely love it!! I'm horrendous at describing scents (as you all probably already know) so here's a link to The Perfume Shop where all the top notes etc are explained clearly!

I'm yet again impressed with today's gift and I'm looking forward to opening tomorrow's door as it is one of the larger doors in the calendar.


  1. So jealous you have one of these calenders! I bet you've had some gorgeous bits in it!

    1. aw haha, yeah I have! Have a look at the previous 10 days if you'd like to see all the bits and bobs I've gotten:) or just wait until i do my big roundup post on christmas eve if you like:)

      Following your blog on bloglovin:) x


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