Sunday, 17 November 2013

Schoolbag Essentials

I love to have an organised schoolbag and I love having everything I could possibly need in it, so I thought I would share what my personal 'essentials' for my schoolbag are. 

The first thing I always carry is a powder. The powder I have been carrying recently is my Seventeen Miracle Matte powder. I have super oily skin and I haven't found a powder that will actually keep me matte all day so I have to take this to school with me to top up my skin.

This powder mattifies me for around 3-4 hours but not much longer so I usually re-powder at lunchtimes so by the time I get on the bus home, I'm not  looking like a complete greaseball.
Along with my powder I like to take a powder brush. This powder does come with a powdr puff but I personally hate powder puffs and prefer using brushes. This little brush was just £1 from Primark but it does the job nicely.

As you can see, in comparison to my hands (which are quite tiny) it is very small but it's perfect for throwing in my schoolbag.

Another makeup item I always have floating around in my bag is a lipgloss. The one that I most frequently have is my Model Co. Lipgloss in Strip Tease.

 This isn't my most favourite formula and colour of lip gloss that I own but it's the handiest as it has a little mirror on the side which is fab for them cheeky little top ups in the back of English;) (we've all done it). I usually put a bright lip colour on in the mornings but if I forget, I always have something to add a bit of an 'oomph' to my lips in my bag. I very rarely remember to use this though haha.

This lip gloss is barely visible on my hand but on the lips its a nudey, pinkey, sparkly colour. This formula is quite sticky, even though it claims not to be, but I do quite like it. I did get this free in a magazine a few months back so I'm not going to complain too much;)

The final makeup product I always have in my bag somewhere is a mascara. The one I usually have is my Maybelline the Falsies (an old tube) as when I've had PE I find my lashes droop a bit so I like to plump them up again with some mascara.

I prefer the original falsies to this version but I do still really like it. 

The next thing I always have in my schoolbag is a mini perfume sample. I have heaps of perfume samples and they're so handy for just throwing in your bag in case you're in need of a freshen up/fragrance boost. These are also life savers if you've by any chance forgotten to spritz on your favourite perfume before leaving the house. The one I'm currently trying to use up is DKNY's Be Delicious Intense perfume. I like this perfume as it's very fruity but I usually only use it if I've forgotten to put on my favourite perfume of all time, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted. 

Keeping in the theme of 'scents', if I have PE, I like to throw in a body spray and a deodorant as I find body sprays refreshing as well as very nicely scented.

This is one of my many body sprays (I'm trying to use them all up) that I have and it's the current one I'm using. I'm terrible at describing scents but this one is quite feminine and floral. My favourite scent from the Charlie range is 'Pink' but when I went to pick it up last time I was in Boots they never had it so I picked up this one.

The deodorant I take to school is Palmolive's Soft and Gentle deodorant. Most people like to take spray deodorants to school but I'm not a fan of spray deodorants, I find that they always spray in the wrong direction and into your face etc, so I prefer to use roll on. I have used this deodorant for around 2 years and I just love it. It keeps me fresh all day (but I top up after PE because I hate feeling sweaty) and smells fab.

The last few things I always carry are, in my eyes, what everyone should carry in their schoolbags.

I always carry kirby grips/bobby pins/whatever you call them with me, you never know when you might need one;) 

I also carry bobbles/hair ties all the time. We have to tie our hair up in Chemistry and PE so it's always handy to have my own instead of borrowing off someone else.

Headphones are another permanent guest in my bag. These are the JVC Gummy headphones and they are the only headphones I've ever tried that stay in my ears comfortably. They also look cute too and they're great for just shoving in when doing revision etc as they block out sound.

I'm a clean freak. Anyone who knows me well know's that I always have my hand sanitiser with me. It's sooo handy for using just before eating as schools are jam packed with germs and they are not the cleanest. It's also fab for if you touch underneath a desk and accidentally touch some chewing gum (ewwww). 

And that is everything. I hope anyone who goes to school found this helpful and might take some ideas from this post and even if you don't go to school, that maybe you've got some ideas for handbag essentials.


  1. I always carry concealer, body spray, oil blotting sheet, headphones, hand sani, and most importantly chapstick.

  2. What a great post- really interesting to hear about the powder as I have oily skin issues too! Now following you-if you want, you can checkout my blog below!!
    Sarah xx

    1. thank you so much:) will check out your blog when I have a chance x

  3. this is such a nice post! Its different to the usual whats in my handbag posts:) it makes me reminisce about what i used to fill my school bag with!:)

  4. I totally need one of those roller perfumes. I keep powders too. I get oily sometimes.

  5. Wow, I'm going to have to get more organised haha! Love this, it's such a nice, different post, I love how you cover more than what you carry makeup wise. Going to definitely stock up on some perfume samples, such a great idea- save me carrying around sprays which aren't all that great for me anyway; considering I'm asthmatic lol! Used to hate when I was at school the chewing gum under the desk thing, I'll never understand what possesses anyone to do that :S gross!
    L xo

    1. Thank you so much!! I do like to vary my posts and I'm so gald you approve:) perfume samples are the way forward;) I'll never understand either:S thanks for your lovely comment xo

  6. I might have to try out this powder

  7. I carry this powder around with me too, it isn't too expensive so I wouldn't be heartbroken if it smashes in my bag! x

  8. I love the powder bruch! It's adorable!!
    Valerie xx

  9. That brush is so pretty, absolutely adoreable :) x


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