Tuesday, 12 November 2013

1000 Page Views!

Something very exciting happened last night, something very exciting indeed.. MY BLOG HIT 1000 PAGE VIEWS!!

To most bloggers that's nothing, but to me it's a huge milestone. I only started my blog 2 months ago and to already have so many page views is incredible. I never thought I would ever reach 1000, ever. I'm honestly so grateful for you all reading my blog. I'm hoping that my blog will continue to grow and grow and hopefully one day it will be as successful as a blog like Sprinkleofglitters etc, that's my goal. 
Thanks so much.


  1. Congratz!! to make you more happy I decided to follow your blog!
    keep in touch!


  2. Congrats!! I only have 100 views so I totally understand how exciting 1000 must be! You definitely deserve more and I think you'll get there because your blog is great. :)

    1. thankyou:) well done on 100, thats really good:) thankyou so so much, means a lot to hear that:) xxx


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